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Boise Fall Guide

& the greater Treasure Valley Area

It may only be the first week of September and the weather is still teasing us with beautiful summer weather, we are quickly approaching Fall in the valley. No matter if you are a PSL lover or just enjoy the changing of the seasons and the cooler weather, this guide will have something for you.

Table of Contents:

Pumpkin Patches

Lowe Family Farmstead

2023 Season Starts September 16 - October 30

2500 South Eagle Rd | Plan Your Visit

Navigate the intricate pathways of the MAiZE, a twisting corn labyrinth that promises both challenge and delight. Enjoy the picturesque countryside on the Hayride, a leisurely tour through the landscape's changing colors.

Meet Rusty, the friendly Very Big Beast, whose imposing size is matched only by his gentle nature. For thrill-seekers, the Corn Poppers (Jumping Pillows) provide exhilarating, gravity-defying fun.

Explore the Bee Line and hop on the Bee Train for a whimsical ride. Test your agility on the Feed Mill Ropes Course, a thrilling challenge set amid nature's beauty.

Experience the Cow Train, Grain Train, and cheer on the Pig Races – a hilarious spectacle of racing pigs that will leave you in stitches.

The sprawling Pumpkin Patch is the heart of the experience. Choose your perfect pumpkin for carving and decorating. Zoom down the Slide and revel in the lively atmosphere of the Barnyard Ball Zone.

Engage in Farmyard Games that evoke nostalgia and get up close with our Farm Animals, learning about their lives and habits. But that's not all – surprises await around every corner.

The Berry Ranch

2023 Season starts September 29 - October 31

Corner of Hwy 20-26 (Chinden) and Franklin | Plan Your Visit

Embark on a delightful adventure as you wander through our patch, choosing the perfect pumpkins to adorn your home for the season. Alongside the traditional orange beauties, our selection features a variety of unique options. Discover the elegance of white pumpkins, the whimsy of warted ones, the novelty of blue ones, and this year's exciting addition – the enchanting pink pumpkins.

Whether you're seeking the classic look of autumn or aiming to infuse your decorations with a fresh twist, our PYO Pumpkin experience has something for everyone. Delight in the colors, shapes, and textures that abound in our pumpkin patch, as you immerse yourself in the joy of harvest time.

Jordan's Pumpkin Patch & Christmas Tree

Opens September 15

2591 S Cole Rd | Plan Your Visit

Fall's magic comes alive at Jordan's, where they are passionate about creating a perfect autumn escape. Forget the commotion – this pumpkin patch is your serene haven for picking out the finest pumpkins. No cover charge, no fuss; just pure pumpkin-picking joy in a peaceful setting.

Bring the whole family and bask in the joys of the season at Jordan's Pumpkin Patch. They are committed to offering delightful experiences without straining your budget. Activities like a hay maze, petting zoo, corn pit, and photo ops await, all complimentary. And there's more in the works, including an exciting hay ride addition.

The patch is a haven of pumpkins and fall finery. From colossal pumpkins to Cinderella-inspired beauties, warty wonders to a spectrum of colors – green, red, yellow, and white – we have a cornucopia of choices. Don't miss the minis, corn stalks, and straw bales for your seasonal decorations.

Crafted to be affordable, our pumpkin patch ensures you get unbeatable value. Pumpkin prices, often lower than grocery stores, start at approximately $2.50 per pumpkin. They offer pumpkins by weight range categories, guaranteeing you find the perfect pumpkin without breaking the bank.

Cherry Hill Farm

September 23 - October 29

15228 Chicken Dinner Road | Plan Your Visit

Step into the enchanting world of Cherry Hill Farms' Fall Festival and Corn Maze – a celebration of the season's splendor! The sprawling 7-acre corn maze offers three distinct paths for the adventurous souls seeking a challenge, while a cozy hay bale maze caters to the littlest visitors.

Of course, a fall adventure isn't complete without choosing your perfect pumpkin from our vibrant pumpkin patch. Take your time and find the one that speaks to you, embodying the spirit of the season.

Savor the taste of freshly picked produce, available for purchase at our fruit stand. Treat yourself to cooling ice cream delights and irresistible donuts that epitomize the essence of fall indulgence.

For those who seek a more immersive experience, u-picks are available during festival hours. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates on the exciting array of u-pick varieties and pricing.

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U-Pick Flowers

Lovely Hollow Farm

Open throughout Spring & Summer (check website for specific times)

18252 Chicken Dinner Rd | Plan Your Visit

Embrace the seasons with us, as doors are opened seasonally, inviting you to partake in the joy of gathering your own bucket of vibrant flowers and selecting the perfect pumpkins to adorn your home. The fields of blooms offer a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances, creating a delightful escape for flower enthusiasts.

As summer transitions into fall, the magic continues with our bountiful pumpkin patches, each boasting a diverse array of pumpkins waiting to be chosen. But the farm is not just about picking – it's a place of celebration and connection. Visit for an array of special events sprinkled throughout the season, ensuring that every visit is a unique and memorable experience.

Wander through the fields, enjoying the beauty of nature's bounty, and revel in the delight of selecting your own flowers and pumpkins. The U-Pick farm is a haven for those seeking an authentic agritourism adventure, where the joys of farming and the allure of the countryside come together in perfect harmony.

Blue Sky Farm

Visit Website for season availability

2685 N Haven Dr | Plan Your Visit

Meet the dynamic mother and daughter duo, the creative minds behind a heartwarming endeavor that blossomed from a simple idea into a haven of beauty and connection. With limited knowledge of flowers but a wealth of enthusiasm, they transformed our little piece of land into something truly remarkable.

What initially started as a modest concept centered around flowers has evolved into a captivating destination that beckons people from all walks of life. The haven isn't just about petals and blooms; it's a place where conversations flow freely, new friendships are forged, and lasting memories are created. Witnessing families and friends strolling through the vibrant fields has been nothing short of awe-inspiring – a testament to the power of nature to bring people together.

But this world isn't confined to flowers alone. It is a duo that thrives on keeping busy, and our interests extend to the mesmerizing dance of honeybees. The apiary, diligently cared for, yields delicious honey that captures the essence of our surroundings. Additionally, check out the their collection of clean-burning soy candles, another testament to their dedication to sustainability and quality.

Peaceful Belly

Thursday through Sunday 12 - 5PM

20023 Hoskins | Plan Your Visit

In 2002, the seeds of Peaceful Belly were sown by Clay and Josie Erskine, and over the years, their vision has flourished into a remarkable agricultural venture. Nestled within the picturesque Vine and Branch Ranch in Sunny Slope, just beyond Caldwell, Idaho, Peaceful Belly Farm has found its roots and its purpose.

Dedication to the land and the community lies at the core of Peaceful Belly's ethos. What started as a humble endeavor has bloomed into a haven for cultivating the finest, most nourishing produce for the southern Idaho region. This farm isn't just a place of work; it's a sanctuary, our passion, and a testament to the vitality of our community.

Plan a visit amidst the breathtaking flower fields, where beauty meets tranquility. You and your friends are invite to share in the joys of a leisurely day, surrounded by the vibrant colors and fragrances of our blossoming blooms. Explore the Pick Your Own Field and create your own charming bouquet, filling a pint jar with handpicked flowers for a delightful $10.

As you bask in the natural splendor, don't miss the opportunity to savor a delectable treat. Adjacent to the flower fields, an enchanting raspberry patch awaits, offering plump, juicy raspberries available for your picking pleasure at a mere $4 per pint. Imagine the pleasure of indulging in nature's bounty while gazing upon your own handpicked bouquet.

Root 16 Farm

Saturday 9 - 12PM

Search Root 16 Farm | Plan Your Visit

Celebrating a century of history, the farm's roots trace back to the original 80 acres granted a patent by the United States on June 27, 1910. This picturesque expanse of land, once granted, began its transformation into a fruitful haven. With a blend of gentle and steep slopes, the landscape proved perfect for the growth of the fruit trees that would soon flourish.

In 1938, the Bureau of Reclamation introduced the Black Canyon Canal, a landmark that split the estate into distinct upper and lower portions. Although the land exchanged hands and its form altered, the upper 60 acres retained its connection to the heritage of fruit tree orchards through much of the 20th century.

Yet, the passing of years marked an evolution. Interest in nurturing orchards dwindled, giving way to the construction of homes below the canal. By the 21st century, the last vestiges of fruit trees above the canal vanished, leaving the land desolate. Neglect and vandalism marred the farm's legacy, and only the wild apple trees bore witness to its former glory.

But a renaissance was on the horizon. In 2018, a family acquired the entire 60 acres above the canal, reuniting disparate parcels under a single estate. Eagerly, they embarked on the journey to resurrect the abandoned orchard. Bridges were reborn, structures demolished, land cleared, and irrigation systems installed – a labor of love to rejuvenate what was lost.

The aspirations extend beyond restoration. They are committed to reviving the farm's original purpose, envisioning a return to flourishing orchards. Alongside this dream, they are cultivating a passion for cut flowers and berries, infusing fresh life into this historic land. As a family endeavor, progress may be steady, but each season propels them closer to their aspirations. Your support fuels this transformative journey as we lovingly revive our cherished farm.

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Haunted Houses

Requim Haunted House

Open Friday September 29

810 Main St | Plan Your Visit

Prepare to step into a realm of spine-chilling horror unlike any other. Introducing Requiem, the latest and most expansive indoor haunted attraction in the Treasure Valley. Situated in the heart of Downtown Caldwell, Idaho, this sinister experience unfolds within the confines of a century-old building, spanning an astonishing 13,000 square feet of bone-chilling terror.

The journey begins with an ominous greeting from our concierge, beckoning you to "enter at your own risk." As you cross the threshold into Requiem, an irreversible transformation awaits. Brace yourself, for the unnerving, the unexpected, and the unrelenting.

Within these walls, fear takes on a new dimension. Every corner hides a pulse-pounding surprise, every step leads deeper into the unknown. This is not a journey for the faint-hearted, as Requiem exists to push the boundaries of your courage and the limits of your imagination.

From the dimly lit corridors to the heart-pounding crescendos, each element has been meticulously crafted to immerse you in a world of dread and suspense. The echoes of history within our century-old building only add to the chilling atmosphere, wrapping you in an embrace of spine-tingling unease.

However, heed this warning: Requiem is not an experience meant for those easily unnerved. It's a realm reserved for the brave souls willing to confront their deepest fears head-on. With every step, you'll encounter sights and sounds that will sear themselves into your memory, forever altering your perception of terror.

Haunted World

Open Friday & Saturday in September, Open Monday - Sunday in October

20031 Northside Blvd | Plan Your Visit

Step into two decades of perfected terror – with a legacy since the year 2000. As the unrivaled leaders in the realm of fear, they've mastered the art of spine-tingling entertainment. With a blend of indoor and outdoor thrills, they stand as the ultimate haunted attraction and haunted house in the state. Brace yourself for an experience that is designed to terrify and guaranteed to leave you breathless.

In the shadows, they will beckon you to a realm of spine-chilling sensations that promise to haunt your dreams. With the distinction of being the largest in the state, we provide an abundance of hair-raising entertainment that eclipses all others. Whether you arrive with friends, family, or dare to face it alone, be prepared for a frightful encounter that will leave you clinging to your senses.

Upon their grounds, you'll find a chilling symphony of terror that promises around 1½ hours of bone-chilling escapades on weekdays, and around 2 hours on weekends. As the curtains rise, you'll embark on an unforgettable journey through The Haunted World, a realm that blurs the line between reality and nightmare.


Lowe Family Farmstead

2023 Season Starts September 16 - October 30

2500 South Eagle Rd | Plan Your Visit

Calling all adventurers seeking a challenge that's both thrilling and perplexing! Gather your friends, pack your compass, and prepare to conquer this year's spectacular MAiZE creation. Since it's inception, the MAiZE has stood as our quintessential attraction, a unique puzzle crafted to boggle your mind. This year's design promises to test your wits like never before, leaving you delightfully "corn-fused."

The MAiZE, a labyrinthine wonder, spans an expansive 18 acres of flourishing cornfields. It's a living enigma, beckoning those with a sense of adventure and a love for cerebral pursuits. Step into a world where towering cornstalks form intricate paths, challenging your navigational skills and puzzle-solving acumen.

But that's not all – Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with their Mini MAiZE! Nestled within the same sprawling cornfield, this abbreviated version offers all the excitement in a smaller package. Ideal for the little ones seeking the cornfield experience while focusing on other activities. Enjoy the best of both worlds – the joy of wandering through the corn and a plethora of additional amusements.

Cherry Hill Farm

September 23 - October 29

15228 Chicken Dinner Road | Plan Your Visit

Step into the enchanting world of Cherry Hill Farms' Fall Festival and Corn Maze – a celebration of the season's splendor! The sprawling 7-acre corn maze offers three distinct paths for the adventurous souls seeking a challenge, while a cozy hay bale maze caters to the littlest visitors.

The heart of this festival boasts the corn maze itself, a hive of games and excitement. Delight in barrel cart rides, tube slides, and competitive volleyball. Engage with our friendly farm animals, test your skills in corn hole, and navigate the sprawling straw bale maze with hidden activities to discover. Immerse your young ones in the cherry pit sandbox and tractor tire playgrounds, or take aim at sling shot targets for added thrills.

Shindig Farms

September 22 - October 28

ID-45 & Scism Rd | Plan Your Visit

Welcome to the captivating world of that features an incredible Straw Maze, an intricate labyrinth boasting 8-foot walls, twists, and turns that promise a thrilling adventure. Spend anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes navigating this enigmatic journey, an exciting addition included with your general admission. As you explore, you'll also have the chance to learn about the myriad uses of straw, adding an educational twist to your escapade.

But when daylight fades, prepare for a new level of exhilaration with our Haunted Straw Maze. On Saturday nights throughout October, the atmosphere transforms into a spine-tingling realm of frights. The eerie excitement commences at 8:00pm, with the last ticket sold at 10:30pm. Mark your calendar for the haunted nights of October 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th in 2022.

Step into the unknown, where each corner holds a new surprise, and the air is thick with anticipation. Whether you're navigating the twists of the Straw Maze or summoning your courage for the Haunted Straw Maze, these experiences are certain to leave a lasting impression, etching unforgettable memories into your heart.

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Apple Picking

Cabalos Orchard & Garden

Check website for open hours

2087 W King Rd | Plan Your Visit

A cherished family-run haven nestled in the heart of Kuna, Idaho. Chan and Cathy Cabalo, alongside their children, grandchildren, and a circle of cherished family and friends, guide this orchard's journey. On their ten acres of natural beauty, they nurture tree fruit and vegetables with an unwavering commitment to being pesticide-free.

Their philosophy is simple yet profound: believing in letting nature work its magic. Tree-ripened, produce is harvested at the peak of its flavor and goodness, ensuring you savor nature's bounty at its very best. Yes, they are proudly pesticide-free, embracing conventional methods that honor the environment. Their commitment is to the land, to the quality of the produce, and to the well-being of the community.

They are a seasonal delight, opening their doors when the earth's bounty is ready to be shared, starting from early summer and culminating in the festive spirit of our Pumpkin Patch that continues through October. From Thursday to Sunday, our orchard comes alive, inviting you to explore and indulge in the treasures of each season. The remaining days, they dedicate to the nurturing of the land that sustains us.

Cabalo's Orchard isn't just a place; it's an embodiment of family, tradition, and nature's wonders. With every bite, every visit, you're participating in a journey that's been nurtured by generations.

Tylers Rocky Point

Open 8am - 8 pm daily

993 Hermosa St | Plan Your Visit

Indulge in the sweet simplicity of our PICK YOUR OWN plums, available daily from 8 am to 8 pm. As the sun bathes the orchard in its golden light, you're invited to partake in a quintessential farm experience. Traverse the rows of plump plums, carefully selecting the juiciest ones to fill your 5-gallon bucket.

The joy is yours to embrace, the bounty yours to savor. Once your bucket brims with nature's sweetness, simply scroll down to our online shop to complete your purchase. At just $20 per 5-gallon bucket, it's a pocket-friendly way to bring home the taste of the orchard.

So, gather your loved ones, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse yourself in the charm of nature's harvest. Our orchard welcomes you to a day of connection, exploration, and the simple delight of plucking ripe plums straight from the tree. Apples are available later in the season.

Williams Fruit Farm

Open Daily but check online for hours

2455 W Slope Road | Plan a Visit

Welcome to the heart of family legacy – Williams Fruit Ranch, where generations intertwine with the land. Founded by the visionary Horace Baker in 1890, the farm stands as a testament to time, resilience, and the enduring spirit of kinship.

Four generations have tenderly nurtured this land, weaving their stories into the very fabric of the Emmett Valley. Williams Fruit Ranch stands as a beacon of tradition, as one of the oldest orchards in the valley that has never ceased to bear fruit.

Roots run deep, and it's with immense pride and a heart brimming with gratitude that will continue to carry forth the legacy that Horace Baker forged over a century ago. His pioneering spirit and love for the land have been passed down through the ages, infusing each branch of the family tree.

At Williams Fruit Ranch, it's more than just farming; it's a way of life.

Fall Hikes

Dry Creek Trail

7.3 Miles | Intermediate/Difficult

Descend an action-packed trail from Boise Ridge Road to a Bogus Basin Road parking pullout. Navigate Dry Creek Canyon's thrilling descent, featuring creek crossings – tackle them wet or via log bridges. Remarkably, trees extend 2,000 feet lower than usual, offering shade, an oasis on hot days. Looping beautifully with Shingle Creek, this trail pairs perfectly for an almost ideal half marathon route – ascend Shingle Creek, descend Dry Creek. Experience adventure, nature, and an exhilarating challenge in one unforgettable journey.

Mores Mountain Trail

1.9 Miles | Intermediate

Embark from the trailhead, veering left at the first junction, a short journey leading to a series of switchbacks. Ascend amid granite rock formations, glimpsing into Boise valley. Meander through low brush to the mountain's east slope, an exposed stretch across scree. Encircle Mores Mountain, with panoramic westward views. Traverse ponderosa pine forests before looping back, emerging onto a sagebrush flat to conclude the hike. An expedition marked by diverse landscapes, sweeping vistas, and nature's intricate beauty.

Charcoal Gulch

2 Miles | Intermediate

Enter Charcoal Gulch Trail from Buena Vista Trail #262, ascending into its heart. The initial climb is gradual, though interspersed with steeper, rutted stretches. Upon one final incline, the trail concludes at a forest service road. Revel in the descent back. Expect a lightly trodden path, possibly scattered with pine cones early on, and brief rutted sections. Experience the tranquil allure of this trail, a journey through nature's nuances, both serene and challenging.

Goose Creek Falls

3.1 Miles | Intermediate

From downtown McCall, Idaho, journey 5.6 miles NW on Hwy 55 to Brundage Mountain Ski Area's turnoff. Turn north onto Brundage Mountain Road, travel 3.4 miles to Gordon Titus (snowmobile) parking lot. It's on the left, a mile before the ski area. Seek the dirt road at the north end; the trail veers left as you begin this dirt road. Watch for the initial trail marker.

Descend occasionally steeply to the river, cross a bridge, backtrack to the falls – guided by signs. As you approach the falls, a couple of scrambles bring you to the river's edge. Popular with families, the trail is well-maintained. Caution is advised for the last section due to loose rocks/dirt.

Louie Lake Trail

4.2 Miles | Intermediate/Difficult

Embarking from the campground, the trail swiftly ascends to Louie Lake at 7,004 feet. Around 1.5 miles in, you'll encounter the serene lake's pristine waters. But the ascent continues.

The trail leads upward along the south side of Twin Peaks. At the summit, relish flat terrain and breathtaking vistas. Descend along a ridge past an ancient mine, connecting with Boulder Lake Trail #105. For a charming loop, journey back to the trailhead via Boulder Lake Trail. Experience a journey encompassing lakes, peaks, and panoramic views in one seamless adventure.


Idaho Botanical Garden - Harvest Festival

Saturday's in October | Plan Your Visit

Embrace the spirit of October with a captivating series of culturally enriching events at the Idaho Botanical Garden. A haven of community connection and vibrant celebrations awaits. Don't miss the remarkable lineup, including the beloved Scarecrow Stroll. For over a decade, the Garden has been transformed by this enchanting display, an ode to our community's boundless creativity. Throughout the month, wander amid the awe-inspiring scarecrows that grace our grounds, each a unique masterpiece that harmoniously blends art with the natural world. Experience the magic of autumn in every imaginative creation, a tapestry that turns our Garden into a whimsical canvas. Join in on the fun by honoring this cherished tradition, where the synergy of art, nature, and the season converge, creating an unforgettable celebration of the human spirit and the joys of fall.

Boise Zoo - Boo at the Zoo

Saturday October 28 & Sunday October 29 last admission at 4PM

Mark your calendar for the ultimate family Halloween extravaganza at Zoo Boise! Get ready to immerse yourself in the spooktacular festivities that await. Trick or treat your way through candy stations, capturing the essence of the season. Dress to impress and participate in the costume contests spanning all ages, each moment promising thrills and laughter.

But that's not all – prepare to be enthralled by a medley of offerings. From vendors showcasing captivating wares to delightful photo ops that capture the spirit of the event, there's something for everyone. Let your imagination run wild with face painting, transforming into the fantastical character of your dreams.

The magic extends even to our animal friends – experience the joy of watching them enjoy special Halloween-themed treats, a gesture that's sure to warm your heart. With each step, each treat, and each shared smile, the atmosphere will be filled with the spirit of Halloween.

Haunted Halloween Trolley Tour

Starting October 13 | Plan Your Visit

Experience the spine-tingling delight of our 90-minute Haunted Halloween Tour through downtown Boise on our festively adorned Halloween Trolley. Join us if you're over 12 and ambulatory, as we'll make a few stops. Don't forget your camera to capture the eerie moments. Starting Friday, October 13th, the tour runs nightly at 7 pm. Bundle up for the adventure!

Old Idaho Penetentary Fall Events

Paranormal Investigation

October 21 | Plan Your Visit

Delve into the past with Big River Paranormal as they utilize unique tools and expertise to connect with the spirits of former prisoners and guards. This unforgettable experience is complimentary for Idaho State Historical Society Members.

Secure your spot starting August 29 at 10:00 am (ISHS Members) or September 4 at 10:00 am (public). Join us on Saturday, October 21, arriving at 9:00 pm when doors open at 9:15 pm. Limited to 50 participants, admission is $40 per person, ages 18 and above (ID required). Please retain your receipt confirmation as your admission. Note: Event tickets are nonrefundable and non-transferable.

Squawky & Spirits

October 27 & October 28 | Plan Your Visit

Get ready for the Old Idaho Penitentiary’s epic Halloween bash! Explore the historic site with live music, entertainment, food trucks, and available alcohol. Embrace ghost stories, eerie vibes, and the return of Terror on Cell Block 4 – Idaho's sole haunted cell house. Plus, catch the Thrill the World dance group and the debut of the haunted infirmary. Idaho State Historical Society Members register from August 29 at 10:00 am, public registration from September 4 at 10:00 am.

2023 YMCA Halloween Run

October 28 | Plan Your Visit

Get ready for Halloween with the 2023 YMCA Halloween Run Presented By Micron! It's time to dress up and join us for a ghoulish run. Pick between the Monster Mile or the Freaky 5k course and race for your life! Show off your creativity with your costume and stand a chance to win prizes. This event is family-friendly, so bring everyone along!

Head to the Micron Campus for the Monster Mile and Freaky Fast 5K – a thrilling new course perfect for the whole family. Every participant in the YMCA Halloween Run gets a cool t-shirt and a medal. Get your costumes ready and join us for a spooktacular run that's bound to be a blast!

Emmett Harvest Festival & Street Fair

September 29 & September 30

100 W Main St. | Plan Your Visit

Experience the beauty of rural Emmett during Harvest Time, as the Gem County Chamber of Commerce honors the community's tireless efforts in crop cultivation. Join us for the Annual Harvest Festival Street Fair – a celebration of over two decades that keeps expanding. Explore arts, crafts, a kids' zone, family activities, and delectable food. Embrace the essence of hard work and community spirit in this joyful event. Join us for the next unforgettable gathering!

39th Annual Harvest Fun Run

September 16

131 Constitution Way | Plan Your Visit

Experience the Harvest Classic Fun Run with its dynamic lineup: an 8K run or wheelchair race, 2-mile run or walk, and a non-competitive 1-mile race. Join us for a day of excitement featuring food, prizes, entertainment, vendor booths, and even a spirited school competition. Every participant receives a commemorative t-shirt and complimentary entry to the Harward Rec Center on race day. Stay tuned for exhilarating post-race drawings with chances to win fantastic prizes. And don't miss out on the coveted prizes for top race finishers. This event promises a fusion of fitness, community, and fun, ensuring a memorable day for all.

Jordans Trunk or Treat

October 14

2591 S Cole Rd | Plan Your Visit

Join us for our beloved annual Trunk or Treat event at Jordan’s Garden Center! Alongside the open pumpkin patch, enjoy free event admission and a range of complimentary activities for all to relish.

Jump - Or - Treat

October 25

1000 W Myrtle St | Plan Your Visit

Experience the thrill of Jump-or-Treat – an exhilarating fusion of jumping and Halloween fun! Join us for an unforgettable event that combines the joy of JUMP with the excitement of trick-or-treating. Get ready to leap into a world of entertainment and treats, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

2023 Gourd Festival

September 22 & September 23

20005 11th Ave N | Plan Your Visit

Celebrate the enchanting world of gourds at our vibrant Gourd Festival! Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and sizes as we pay homage to these versatile wonders of nature. Discover an array of artistic creations, from intricate carvings to imaginative sculptures. Enjoy engaging workshops, live demonstrations, and explore the endless possibilities gourds offer. Whether you're an artist, a gourd enthusiast, or simply curious, our Gourd Festival promises an immersive experience that highlights the beauty and creativity that can be found in nature's own canvas.

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5 Week Sellers Challenge

If the thought of getting your home ready to sell overwhelms you - I get it! There’s a lot to do! But with this FREE 5-week Seller’s Challenge you can get your home ready to sell in just 5 weeks (or less!). Each week, we’ll send you top tips, tools & tricks you need to get your home sold fast and for the most amount of money possible!

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Buyers Workshop

Looking for a home can be overwhelming. Whether you are a first time home buyer or if you have not purchased a home in the last 5 years, there is a lot to know!​

I've created this completely free workshop to help you navigate the process of buying a home without ever having to leave yours!

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As a bustling hub of culture, commerce, and community, Boise offers an array of opportunities for individuals and families looking to find their perfect home.  Whether you're moving here for the first time, lived here your whole life, or simply curious about all the things Boise has. to offer, this guide will serve as your go-to resource.

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